Lincoln County Fairs & Festivals

Home of the county fair and Hillbilly Days!

An over-grown field on the outskirts of Hamlin,  WV, may look like nothing to a  passerby.  However, to Jack and Wanda Browning the view was astonishing.  So astonishing, that the brother and sister thought of the their parents and the opportunity to give back to the county they all cherish.  The Brownings donated 30 acres, in remembrance of their parents Perry Mason and Lena Browning, to Lincoln County Fairs & Festivals.  That over-grown field is now a flourishing fairground, the aura is friendly, and family morals are clean.


On August 8, 2007, the Lincoln County Fairs & Festivals committee dedicated the fairgrounds in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Browning.  It is now known as the Lincoln County Memorial Fairgrounds.  The committee is dedicated to bringing good, clean fun to Lincoln county. 

At our Fall Festival we, as a community, are brought together to celebrate the heritage of this wonderful country and the beginning of fall. 

Our committee is open to anyone who wants to improve the status of Lincoln County.  We welcome suggestions on what you would like to see at the Memorial Fairgrounds. 


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